Fight The Line, Tow The Power

I’m now working again in the big corporate office, without this puppy (laptop).

Have been putting together a plan for the next while. It includes getting the comics done a little quicker, although maybe sometimes not color. Of course, this doesn’t matter, depending on how you take the art form.

The great thing about change is that it forces you (or i guess you could stick your head in the sand) to take a look at the broader picture.

It’s been a while since I’ve monologued about development. It was something that I seem to remeber doing earlier on in this blog’s life.

Fight The Line, and Tow The Power

It’s interesting to watch how we (myself and people in general) react when tension is in the air. At once, I war with myself.

On the Right .. we have the man who would take charge. He dreams of freedom, of success. This man, the man on the Right, is a DREAMER. He thinks about how to bind people together in furthering a cause. It’s not about projects, or deadlines .. it’s about relationships, glory, it’s about freedom.

And on the Left .. we have the man who is honesty and reality bound in one. He understands responsibility and accountability. And he knows that there is plenty of room for improvement in his self. This man, the man on the Left, is a TRUTH SAYER.

And do you know what I strive for?

It’s the Man in the Middle .. we have the man who melds the Right and Left together as one. He allows for dreams, after all, they are our lifeblood. And his thought is bound to the path of truth. Dreams on their own are not feasible. They need reality to .. become.

This is the man i strive to be. I guess you could say Person .. but Man has some cool imagery behind it. Substitute as you will :).

How many of us have this balance? It’s infinately hard .. like a set of scales. You have to keep the balance, or they tilt and crash down one side or the other.

I don’t want to be _just_ a dreamer. I don’t want to be _just_ a realist. Despite this sounding lame .. I want to be the Man who Walks The Line. Sure, it’s not so cut and dried, there’s plenty of room to move .. but hey .. i’m monologuing!

Reality says to me that the comics of Dev Dawn aren’t worth squat. Dreaming says to me that one day soon famously cool people will visit Dev Dawn, bringing with them hordes of other people, and I’ll become a star. The Middle Line .. well, it walks the line. It says that there is worth in it, but that it’s not going to be stardom. At least, not right away (ha ha).

The comics are an example, but there’s plenty more I could pull out. The little side projects. The novel writing. Screenplays. Song writing. Even Rugby (heh).

And then, you can search further (farther?) abroad. Marriage, Kids, Life, Death, The Almighty. The truth is often somewhere in the Middle of the Right and the Left. Although, as I say that, a little voice beats me over the head with a mallet. Sometimes, truth is truth. There is Life. There is Death. But’s that’s a soliloquy for another time.

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