Friday Night, Night of Nights!

So. It’s Friday Night. And I’ve managed to get out another comic. Whoooooot!

You can tell though, that it’s not done in photoshop. Rather .. you can tell i don’t know how to do things in GIMP as well as I did (which wasn’t that well) in Photoshop.

Because of how I do a panel, export, then bring it into a single page .. in GIMP this has brought about some different effects. But right now, i’m not worried about it.

Played a little Neverwinter Nights 2 tonight. Preordered the Collectors Edition a while back with part of a gift certificate (heh heh, you know who you are).

Here’s my initial thoughts.

  • Despite them giving the gui an overhaul, i infinitely prefer the original in all it’s plain glory. It was clean. This one seems, too much. Granted, I have to play it at a low res .. but even the original at that looked much better.
  • Okay. So the graphics are awesome beside that, or really, even with the interface. It does look cool. Just not streamlined.
  • I’ll get off that now. The campaign is pretty cool, meeting some good characters, little bits of story.

Now .. On to the collectors edition.


The box weighed more than your average bear/gamebox. It felt good. Meaty. Of course, that’s meaty for the smaller boxes (not like a _meaty_ Baldur’s Gate 2 Collectors Edition, or Diablo 2 for that matter).

The two rings were classic. Truly Nerd-Worthy. Trashy and try-hardish. But cool in that not-cool way.


Now. The cloth map. I remember the first cloth map I ever got .. it was with an Ultima game.


This one reeked of cheap. CHEAP. I understand the bottom dollar is cool. It’s the biz. You have to make money, and publishers drive the industry. Black and White .. or not.

Anyway. It was funny. Stupid funny.


Roughly the size of a hanky. Nice.

Anyway, i’m done now. Going to get to bed just on midnight, on a friday night! Now that’s deserving of a WHOOT WHOOT  < can i get a whoot whoot? >


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