From Zero To .. Stupid

From my last post, where i was devoid of any creativity, to stupid amounts of too much stuff.

It began with hanging out on the Gamedev mirc channel, as a lot of stuff does, when my interest was peaked about non-Clarion coding.

I downloaded and installed Visual C# Studio Express, along with XNA. Now, although there’s probably quite a lot of people who naysay XNA, but for me .. it’s gold. I like that it takes away a lot of the lame stuff (creating a window, directx, ..) .. and lets you get into action quickly. Now, this is coming from a guy who hasn’t programmed more than a half-baked hardly-started game or two.

Also, I’m becoming much more appreciative of GIMP, the GNU Manipulation Program. It’s good. Not as good as my trialling of Photoshop, but still .. it’s going to do me until i can afford Photoshop. Or maybe further than that. Depends how easy it becomes to churn out a comic or two. On the subject of comics, the next one is coming .. soon.

And finally, there’s Blender. I’ve raved about this puppy before, but now have spent some time learning the basics. It’s awesome. I’m gonna upload a little pong (really basic) game that was a tutorial for XNA. Blender took not long at all (minutes) to bash up a nice looking paddle and ball. Because it’s a modeller, it’s a lot easy to render something that looks like a ball than draw it (because i’m a newb .. ).

Looking forward to integrating Prototype and Rico into Dev Dawn. Should be able to clear up a lot of my lame ajax code and add some nice imaging. Although, am conscious of keeping the site lean.

‘Nuff for Now,

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