How To Do Everything And Nothing At The Same Time

There are those that try. Try not. Do. And Do not.

Hmm, i need to work on my wise impartations to the generations of followers.

Being a master at the action given in the Title, I thought it would be a good idea to give the topic the old once-over.

The following gives an overview of how to master the awesomeness of being able to do everything while actually doing nothing, mostly in the area of Project Management:

  • Being the hype-monkey that you are, there will continually be another idea to hop to. Never stop looking for more cool ideas with which to leech .. ideas .. from.
  • It’s easy to work on a single project for years in a row. The true hero jumps from one to another, having at least four projects on the boil at once.
  • Always expand your project genres. Don’t just stick to lame business apps. Those are for chumps. Get into the real money by writing Comics. Developing games by yourself. The awesomeness of the initial idea is directly proportional to how much moolah you will get from putting hours and hours of blood, sweat and the other into it.
  • A project finished means a little fairy falls out of the sky somewhere. The practitioner of awesomeness never finishes his projects. They continue on until reaching devlopment nirvana .. that is, grow old and die. But you always hold the flame. Hold it high! Never give up! Never surrender!
  • This understanding should pervuade all facets of your life. Especially at your employment. Always do a bunch of stuff, because the more you appear to be doing, the more awesome you appear to Executives. They love a man/woman of action.
  • When the chips fall down, and someone demands reasons, you have all your other projects to continue. Especially the ones that make money. So don’t worry about being held accountable on any one project, because the business will value your singing ability at birthday parties.
  • Finally, remember this. The grass is always greener on the next project. New and exciting always beats old and hard because you’ve gotten to a point where thought will be required to move forward. There’s absolutely no value (monetary, character or otherwise) in investing more than skin-deep in a single project.

Ha ha. That was fun. Somewhat self-born, but still funny.

What? I laughed.

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