If Only Business Had Goliath Tanks and Tech Trees

.. then I could harvest some resources to build tanks, then buy The Burning Crusade.


Work is progressing. My plans for an off-shoot Rasp program have stumbled. Not done, just .. halted for the moment. I need to build some other thing to get it working.

But the new version of Rasp is done. Automatic/Manual Importing of Files in a brand-spanking new interface! File Types! A Welcome Page! Whoot.

However, I still have to update the Help file, so the install won’t get done until tomorrow night.

Other plans are going ahead. I’ve got another update for SecretKeep due. That and a project app that’s kind of what Projman was going to be. I really need something to keep track of ideas and todos and tasks (same thing?).

Have been thinking about DevCon, and wondering just what I’ll speak on. It’s kind of a scary nebulous vision at the moment. Clarion? Programming? Development? Heh heh. But never fear! There’s always a song or two buried away in my brain .. which might account for the lack of intellect in all things coding.

I’ve become enmoured with the Tennis lately (The Australian Open) .. despite what certain _other_ developers say (yeah Bruce .. that’s you i’m talking bout) .. i love watching these people, warriors almost, battle their way through each match. I love reading up on each player, finding out their .. mythology. I think that’s a good word. It’s like discovering a whole new world of characters who have had lives before-hand, filled out, not-cardboard. Ha ha .. it’s real life i know, but .. there’s something special for me finding out the Nadal is one of only two people to have beaten Federer last year. Or read about the Sampras and Agassi rivalry.

It’s just plain cool. For me. Maybe for you.

Since I have become somewhat disillusioned with the greatest of team sports lately, it’s easier to become attached to Tennis, because an individual can shine despite the lack of efforts of others. They stand alone. Fight alone. In the end, it’s them and the _other_. Nothing more. And that’s just gas.


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