Nigh, Sleep Is

Words are failing me.

Shocking, I know. Perhaps it’s the swilling of caffienated liquid around my brain, or the long days and longer nights, I’m not sure.

Maybe once I get started they’ll come easier.

Anyway .. Rasp 0.3 is Released!

Oh baby, it’s a doosey. Loads of new functionality, almost _brimming_. Heh.

In fact, it won’t be too much more before this puppy goes gold. As previously stated, I’m holding back a few things for release, File Uploading in Rasp Web is chief amongst them. But there are other valuable pieces of functionality that will be part of the main release. More details will come as I get feedback on this latest version.

What blocked me for the last 5 or so days was the Help file. It wasn’t so much putting stuff in there, as _what_ to put in there. I wanted a Help file that was meaningful. Not sure I totally achieved it, but it’s on the right track. I think some of the limitations of Dr. Explain might slightly affect the purpose, but not much. In fact, if I went to another Help authoring system, i’ve no doubt I’d miss the awesome window/image importing, that makes generating content quickly so simple.

So Rasp is out. I’m kind of in la-la land at the moment. It’s 2.50 am, and my head is pounding.

Freaking Out, because I know I left something out of the Install.

Stressing, because sometimes I’m not completely believing in the future of Rasp and ATS.

Relieved, because all those hours of work has come to a release.

Happy, because putting thoughts onto blog helps me clear the brain-sinuses.

Joyful, because now my belief-factor is back at max-power.

Bring It!

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