Is The Time Now?

But firstly, for no particular reason, I’m putting up Before and After shots of my head. Hair and sans hair.




Anyway, tonight as I was driving home from the hospital, a thought occurred to me.

Now might be the best time ever to start developing an online media distribution network. I know every man and his dog is releasing apps and wapps and crapps these days, but hear me out.

The video store is a pretty awesome thing. You get most people coming in and paying premium for their one overnight dvd to rent. You have the greed of the New. We want to watch what is new and shiny.

And yet, today, it’s not going to translate so easily into the web. The biggest problem in my mind is the fact that Users just don’t have the nice Home Theatre setup that is really needed to take advantage of online media distribution.

That got me thinking.

I’m a late boarder with most technologies. I’ve only just started using I-Tunes properly, with the store. But man alive, I can see it now. Taking twenty seconds to download a song, magically, is awesome. Forget all the drm stuff, that’s another story. I’m interested right now in just the pure bliss of instant online gratification.

Now, move to a year when most people have a proper connection between their computer and what they watch on the tv .. and BAM. That’s when digital media distribution is really gonna hit the hotcakes.

So back to my original statement. Starting work now on an online media distribution network would be a smart move I reckon. Get it right, take time. Wait until the proliferation of hardware mashups reaches some kind of mass, and release to the adoring hordes.

Of course, things would never be that simple. There is copyright and egos and investments and actual code. But for anyone with those things, then cool. You’ve got yourself a Video Ezy in the making. Maybe Blockbuster.

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