Day 1 (Capesoft Training)

Today began the 5 Days of Awesomeness .. also known as .. Capesoft Training + The Aussie (Clarion) DevCon.

Unfortunately I can’t split myself into three, because there are three sessions going at once. Bruce, Jono and Geoff are all giving of their best to us. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some feedback from people as to the other sessions.

Today I went to 1) the first NetTalk WebServer session, and 2) the Look’N’Feel session.

1) NetTalk WebServer

This Session was an introduction to using the WebServer. From what I saw, most people were there to create their first WebServer app. So Bruce began with some basic questions, reasons as to why or why not you would go with NT4 WebServer, what’s good about CSS and what’s bad (heh heh) .. and other important web serving information.

2) Look’N’Feel

This Session Bruce went through a number of the Capesoft Templates, those that would enhance the look (and feel, obviously) of an app.

Mostly, we gasbagged about methodologies and Google and other important stuff :).

The other sessions went well, although sometimes a little slow apparently. Slow in that people had trouble with getting things to work.

The SQL Session was quite large, and they seemed very hard at work every time I popped my head in.

All in all, it’s 6pm and I’m just leaving the building now.

There’s kind of a different feeling to last year. We were all together, AWAY last year .. which made it more of a group environment i guess .. this is a little more sterile .. but not in a bad way.

It’s good. More tomorrow.

Photos from Day 1










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