Smite, A New Order of Application Security


SMITE .. A New Order Of Application Security






The comic isn’t that good. Kind of phoned in the hard work, which comes after the sketching. Coloring, filling out the characters, etc etc. Urg. Takes a long time.

Anyway, Dan Scott had a couple of threads going on the newsgroups recently, talking about security. Specifically, how to stop the Users validation one copy, and then copying those files across into the other workstation/locations.

There were some good responses. Jim Hrubes in particular both piqued my interest and made me laugh.


You can serialize the software and they won’t be able to run it on a different machine, look at the crazy discussions about SHA and HDD (they usually deteriorate with discussions about food) in the newsgroups and that will get you started. There are a bunch of crypto geeks in the clarion newsgroups that love to show you how to protect your stuff so search around and you will find it.



Multi-Classing to Thief/Fighter/Mage DropCombo

Dave Beggs asked about subclassing a drop combo. It seems using the "setprop" api didn’t work with drop combos.

The answer (apparently, no further threads) was a simple line, given by John Christ:



Sorry there’s no comic Dave! Actually, this one probably would have been awesome fun. Having bits of a Thief, Fighter and Mage all trying to get into a Drop Combo stain-glass window .. ha ha. Maybe I should do it tomorrow.

With Aussie DevCon arriving, people are starting to gear up .. on the Third-Party newsgroup, Alan Telford has been busy, getting out some really cool questions in regards to NetTalk (WebServer) mostly. Which reminded me I’d better start collating any questions etc, so I get the most out of the Capesoft Awesomeness Expedition in the three days before DevCon.

My talk is coming along. I’ve hit upon a better title, which goes with how the content has evolved.

I’m planning to be blogging what’s going on, especially any Clarion 7 / SV news .. I might even put up a special Live Chatbox. That might work. Or not. Ha ha.

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