A Super Heroes Guide To Development – 1. Origins


1. Origins

The night is cold. A young man sits alone in a dark room inside a mansion, illumination coming from shards of moonlight through windows high above.

Outwardly he is a prime specimen of mankind. Strong, tall, broad-shouldered. At levels of fitness unknown to all but the most dedicated and abled performers. His mind too is trained beyond that of mortal ken. Intelligence and diligence combined into one.

But blood and chaos hound his steps. His is the pain of loved ones lost to violence. And anger drives him, pushes him, has almost consumed him.

The young man looks for a sign, some kind of symbol. His is a crusade, un-formed and shapeless though it may be at the moment. A crusade of violence against those who would be violent.

A sign.

Of course, most of us have already guessed the individual’s identity, and know his story.

A Super Hero was born that night (technically) when a bat flew through one of the open windows high above. Batman is an iconic hero. Gifted and trained beyond most people’s understanding, but with turmoil boiling away under the surface.

There are many Super Heroes.

Batman. Wolvie. The Phantom. Wonder Woman. The Flash. Robin Hood. King Arthur. The Fantastic Four. Elektra. Harry Potter. The Hulk. Tarzan. Spiderman.

They’ve all got Origin stories. Some are plain for all to see. Some are shrouded in mystery.

The importance of an Origin Story is undeniable.

Your Origin is your background. It’s where you came from, what made you the way you are.

When you understand where you come from you can better know where you are going and why. You can understand what inspires you and why.

The challenge from this point is a little off kilter, but then hopefully most of the points are the same.

Get an Origin Story, if you don’t already have one. Whether crafted from the bare fabric of reality, or from the hidden depths of your imagination. Have an Origin Story ready to whip out when it’s needed. Show it on your website. Send it out in a newsletter. Spread it far on a special podcast. Make it into a song. Write a book.

It might be about your company. It could be about you, the individual. Even for your product.

If you already have origin stories, then get them reviewed. Perhaps they need some embellishment. Dragons are always good value, as are busty warrior women. Or hunky warriors with bare chests hanging off the side of a boat. Why do all Barbara Cartlan novels have that guy on the cover?

Get an Origin Story!

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