A Super Heroes Guide To Development – Intro


Good morning everyone. Before we begin, I’d just like to say that any really funny parts of this talk are from the wonderful mind of my wife, Rach. She cast her expert eye over my talk, and turned it from mush into steak.

Let’s pretend we’re playing that American game called Jepardy.


– Rippling Muscles

– Huge Breasts

– External Underwear

– Capes


– Things that will win you a Karaoke Contest

– Things that remind you of the singer Meatloaf

– Things that make you think of Software Development ..
Not Generally

They are, of course, attributes of Super Heroes. Although they seem worlds apart, Software Developers and Super Heroes actually share a lot in common. Seriously.

Incidentally, here’s some images that should make you think of Software Development .. [show the piccies of Bruce + Geoff]


Let’s jump right in and take a look at A Super Heroes Guide To Development.

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