A Weekend of Abundance

Well. Although my yesterday was taken up with compiling and setting up stuff, I have not lost any of my desire to note down a couple of things about this past weekend.

First. The Rugby. It was a sad, sad evening. Actually, more grumpy than sad. I wonder what it is about losing like that that makes me so .. unpleasant. Hmm. Perhaps I think I could do a better job. Ha ha. Hardly. I do dream still about playing for the Wallabies, and some little part of me will probably hope for the next couple of years, but seriously ..

Second. Harry Potter. Horcruxes or Hallows? What a finish. What a book. Amazing. Just awesome. Sad. Awesome. Sad again about fifty times over. And still, satisfying. Almost too many events, giving the writing a slightly rushed feel .. but that’s okay .. i like that about this book. It’s rushing to the end, the final battle .. the meeting of Harry and Voldemort for the last time.

I’ll probably write some more a little while after, give at least one of the readers of this blog time to finish the book :). You know who you are ..

Third. There is no third. Like the spoon. I’m just fishing for something creative to spark. But it’s not. Maybe later.

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