Proof My Wife Is Smarter Than I

Last night I discovered that all the lights were out in the big garage down below. Of course, for some awesome, albeit unknown, reason, our electronic garage door is on the same circuit, and so wasn’t working.

This morning, because the family caravan had to move out of the station to school, I went outside looking for a fuse box type of thing.

After a few circuits outside the units, front and back, I came back up. And got quite annoyed, because my beautiful wife said she’d have a go.

Ten minutes later, she’s back, and the problem is fixed.

What did I miss? Well, everything. I wasn’t really looking. My beloved spotted the meter box straight away, got the key for the door, and bam. Problem solved.

I walked past that meter box at least three times. And not once did I even look at the door that has METER BOX (or something like that) in big letters.

This illustrates most definitely that I am the lesser in tracking skill and searching algorithms.

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