Rasping For Air

So after a discussion with The Colleagues Of Clarionness yesterday, I decided to get stuck back into Rasp. I’ve been working on (and has been mentioned) a very cool project, but am getting it looked at currently, so Rasp seemed like a good idea.

And it was.

Rasp is pretty cool. And I didn’t realise just how cool a proper Tracking log is. In Rasp it’s called Workflow, but however you name it, there’s just nothing like seeing what’s been happening in the system, blow by blow.

And NetTalk makes it super easy to retrieve stuff. Client IP, Session ID .. easy peasey.

So I’m going to get the "Pages" concept done and dusted before releasing the new version. I need to break it down simply, and worry about making it all things to all men later on. Just get out the ability to create Pages, which are written inside the web interface, stored in the same Folders as the Files, and served by NetTalk.

Sleek interface can come in the next version i think.

BUT .. I’d still like to get a sound .. structure. And not just structure, but think through some of the paradigms.

Although a browse/form is going to work to some extent, it’s still not the main way of showing Pages. I’d like more of a Blog style, where Pages are shown where and when the User wants them shown.

Anyway. More later.

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