Threading Issues

So while I’m sitting here, waiting for a huge app to compile .. thought I’d share some pain.

I have a thread variable that is being set with 180 before it’s used. I’ve done the usual searching (through the txas and using UltraEdit search in files) for anything using the thread variable. It’s all kosha.

So then .. I thinks to myself .. I’ll use another thread, but call the same procedure.

THREAD:Dummy is in place, calling the browse procedure .. and BAM .. what do you know, it works. And then, on closing, it clears the original thread variable, so when i call the procedure using the actual thread, it works.

But restart the program, and it’s back to 180. Very strange. If I figure it out, will try and remember to update this post.


Turns out the problem was I had two (that’s right, read em), TWO global thread objects being declared. One was not created by me, one was.  Anyway. My lack of understanding how programming works wins the day again.

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