Gearing Up For Cheer

It’s Christmas time. Winding down. Getting ready for great piles of "not as good as a good roast" food, long afternoon naps interrupted by new kids toys, and basically letting it all hang out for a couple of days.

Except I’m winding up. I’m releasing a new version of my Freight system. While away on holidays, I had some thinking time. Bad move. But it clarified a few things. I need a product done, minimal work. Jaymoe Version 1, while crappy, is out there. It’s working as is for the moment. Version 2 was taking too much time, I had to learn too many new things.

So I’ve set myself some closer goals. A new website, a 30-day free trial version, and a Web System integrated into the Freight System. There are other more concrete plans, but I need to not be blabbing them around.

So I’m not winding down. But am still enjoying the Christmas cheer.

Have to preach on Sunday at Dad’s church. Going to look at the birth of Jesus from the perspective of the Shepherds. Their fear, their searching and finding, and our response to the truth of Christmas, which is that Christ is Saviour and Lord. Salvation and Kingship.

Okay, we’ve got breakfast being cooked for us this morning at work. Mmmm. Bacon. Have a great holiday and God rest ye merry!

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