Another Day, Another .. 5 Cents

Almost forgot my desire to get posting most every day.

Things that happened today:

  • Got some nice work done on the Tafres site (local at the moment), didn’t get enough to put it live, hopefully tomorrow night.
  • Almost got a digital certificate installed, finally, so i can fire up SafeUpdate properly.
  • Had an intense morning at work, squashing bugs hand-in-hand with a very tenacious (good) tester.
  • Got absolutely POWNED by my eldest playing Bomb Battles in Mario Kart, Double Dash. He’s just getting better and better. Can’t wait for the day he’s old enough to start playing some rpgs and wotnot with me.
  • Thought about the next Jaymoe build, but got scared because it’s not coming together like I want it. Need to simplify. Break stuff down.
  • Did some cool work on branding Tafres. The two (Server and Client) icons are now very nicely branded. Also, got one of those favicon.gif’s for the website. Should be cool.
  • Another hour on the exercise bike. Really started to hurt towards the end. My posterior was hurting much.
  • Haven’t managed to play any games, but .. now .. thinking .. i’m off :).

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