Reactions to the Tech Evangelist Announcement


"Interesting" is the word that first comes to my mind.

Most people have offered immediate congratulations, despite whatever they might be thinking. This is good. It means there are people who wish the community to grow, despite what realities they might see before us.

Some folk have chosen their words slowly, wanting to neither leap upon this with total abandonment or shoot it down in flames .. with a flamethrower. (Because why would anything else that shoots use flames, always wondered that .. heh heh)

It’s a tricky situation. On the one hand, you have my obvious enthusiasm and spark for craziness. This does count for something. But it’s not much, especially when weighed against the might of what lies before an attempt to bring more global success to Clarion.

I have the support of many very cool people. People with a lot of brains and capabilities and dedication to the Clarion Community. This is vital.

But it’s not enough to make things work. Enthusiasm. Craziness. Support. These are all elements of what will be success, but they do not equal that success.

What will determine success is, as always, time. You will have to wait and see if I am successful in the Tech Evangelist role. I have put a lot of thought into the role. I have put a lot of time talking to people, fleshing out ideas. But there’s so much more. Just over the weekend my head was floundering with the enormity of what is before me. It’s huge. But that’s not stopping me, in fact, it spurs me on.

If there was one thing I need to get across at the beginning, it’s this:




That’s what I really want. To have conversation with people. To respond to criticisms in conversation one on one. To address concerns. To bring excitement. To show vision and purpose. In Conversation. With you.

There’s a lot of exciting possibilities in front of us. Stay tuned.

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