Clarion Dev Thought For The Day

Why can’t we have Update procedures linked to the context of the record in the browse, not the browse (or the file for the browse) itself?

This is relevant in the case (and no doubt more than this) where you have a 1:1 relationship between a ParentFile and many ChildFile’s.

I have a browse of the ParentFile, but I want to update the ChildFile.

Now, in the reality of Clarion (and other programming), we’d just handcode it into the browse.

But a fellow Dictator of Code has been starting out with NTWS (NetTalk Web Server) and we were discussing the particular issues he was facing taking the BigAss ™ database and showing it in NTWS.

The concept, to me, seems so simple. You have a defining context for the record, and based on that context (or condition i suppose, like a case statement) you call (and prime the child 1:1 file record) the particular Update procedure needed.

Interesting .. { pinky in mouth }.

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