Crazy Talk

So now, Microsoft goes and bids for Yahoo. The world is crumbling. From what I read, Balmer seemed like a child .. "Google sucks .. because .. they suck .. you know, they think they’re so big .. they suck .. we’re number 1 .. GO TEAM!!"


Things kicked up a notch. Work has begun on the big contract. It’s cool. I’m going to be able to lash out and buy PDF Tools. I’m looking at a really funky support system .. and while building it myself has a big draw .. this thing is already awesome out of the box and costs a few hundred. I couldn’t replicate it’s functionality in ten times that many hours (that fit into it’s price).

The new Robin Hood was on last night (Sunday)!! What’s doing? I heard nothing about it. Caught the tail-end of the episode, and was laughing my head off. I love it that they really are doing the most ridiculous stunts, and yet I find it awesome. Over acting, deus ex machina all over the place (I think I got that right), and a really lame bunch of stories. But they really .. REALLY .. work for me.

Anyway, I have things to do. About four gazillion. No .. four.

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