Just Finished My First Can Of DC And It’s Only 8am

Crazy talking. I tell you, sleep is fast becoming my most favourite past-time. There are other things cool, like my recently re-fired Wow-crack-tastic love .. but sleep can provide something those things cannot. A recharge.

Sure, the diet coke coursing through my veins has some good points. It will rot my teeth, my stomach and probably give me some form of cancer.

Wait. Were those the good points?

It has been getting more crazy than usual lately. Last night I switched between working on the big project (a Web System, built with NetTalk, naturally), working through some conversations re the Clarion Tech Evangelist, working on the Podcast (for the new Clarion site, the format of the cast, and some recording), and doing some header image design for my company website.

Plus it was my eldest’s birthday. He was so excited all day, turning 7. Got some cool gear, and we had a fair amount of party food (although wasn’t a big party, just us and one set of g-parents). Little guy knows more about Star Wars now than me (from the Lego game on the Wii).

Bye for now.

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