The Aussie DevCon, Podcasting, New Site (Not Yet)

This place is still here. I’m still posting on it :).

Geoff Spillane and I have been talking, and I realised that the Aussie DevCon is not very far off. Last year I thought there was plenty of time to kick some stuff into motion.

First thing, I would encourage anyone who is anyone who reads this blog to think seriously about attending the DevCon. If you don’t have the money, cool. I’d say talk to Geoff, but I’m not sure that there is much in the way of "funding" to help out people. Maybe some kind of payment schedule, but I don’t think so.

The Aussie DevCon is a pretty huge event for us over here. But I’d like to say that it’s becoming an important event worldwide. We got Bob over last year, and might, _might_, be getting him this year (wish fulfilment). We had Colonel Capesoft and His Boyz for three days of awesomeness, and then heckling from the back with the rest of the super-nerds. And we had some bloke talking about undies. Highlights .. yeah.

So, what I’m getting at, is that if you have the opportunity to come, you should. If you are feeling like you need to meet some new and crazy people (I make up most of the crazy), then please, come along.

Second thing, if anyone has got suggestions for the DevCon, please fire them to Geoff (or myself). Geoff is doing the organising, I’ll just make that clear. But I really think we’ve got such an opportunity that if people have ways to take hold of it, then super!

If you need emails, post a comment here, I’ll get back to you via .. email .. with the .. email.

Last night, after a few hours of work, I thought .. I could go to bed .. or I could work on the podcast.

I’m developing a routine that will stand the test of at least a couple of podcasts. It’s a bit of a blast, and last night I started voice recording. Nice. Fun fun. Hopefully the podcasts will contain something special for the community. Another little hook for newcomers, and a familiarity for us existing folk.

Just a reminder:

Clarion Folk

Stick that into your brain. It’s the new site. It’s the new brand. It’s the new Pimp My Clarion.

But it’s not done yet. The new site hasn’t come as quickly as I thought it might, but I’m not worried. It’ll be done soon. _Soon_.

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