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I’m enjoying Devcon. I’ll have a bit to say afterwards, when there’s been time to collate thoughts etc, but let me just say this:

Geoff Spillane deserves HUGE kudos. The amount of work he has done is huge. Getting together the conference, the Training (arm-twisting the SV guys a month out to get everything ready), getting 3 (3!) SV guys here. Just awesome.


We did have a little bit of an issue yesterday though. Bob Foreman had to do the last half of his session in darkness and non-electricity! It’s wierd walking down the main street of a small country town in complete and almost-utter darkness. Course, there was the noise and lights of a pub to guide the way, heh heh.

Here’s a couple of links to Clarion Mag for information. Here for some live news, and here is the category for the Aussie Devcon 2008.


Also, get on Skype and add me (search for "Stu Clarionite Troubadour")! I’ll add you to the Clarion Talk channel. A great place at all times, and right now we are online.

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