Day #2, Sent To Prison For Over-Acting

In my attempt to diarise my 9 days of holidays, here’s the second.

We had an excellent worship service this morning. The sermon was taken from Matt 5:27-30, looking at sex as heaven and hell.

One point in particular I thought was excellent.

Sex will not of itself produce the reality to which it points.

The reality is, in summary, that we wish to be fully loved, accepted and known.

We had friends over for lunch, so the still newish bbq got a workout. Woolies had porterhouse steaks on a big special, plus some beef snags.

All in all, some good eating was had.

Lastly, because I’m missing out watching the end of the new Frost episode, Prison Break will no longer be in my taping/watching schedule. I started watching tonight, and really, it was ordinary. I loved the first season. But this, season 4, is getting ridiculous. I’m happy to suspend disbelief, but Michael just seems to be over-acting more with each passing scene.

Course, I’m not an actor, so have no real basis to ground that on.

Tomorrow, the fun begins. My Todo list awaits :)

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