Day #1, Why Can’t The Wallabies Win?

Because the All-Blacks play the Ref better.

Because they niggle better, despite Stephen Moore doing a standup job.

Because Richie McCaw is too good (and if you know how much I’m a fan of George Smith, you’ll know that’s a pretty hard statement for me to make).

I’m going to chronicle my week of holidays. So we’re beginning with a Saturday, as many things do.

This morning started early. Took my eldest swimming. He’s really coming along well. School lessons give him the technical, and I just try and cement that a little more.

Last time I was shocked to find, after finishing the time with the eldest, that two laps completely blew my steam.

I’ve been running and walking between 15 and 30 kms every week for a couple of months now. I’m not _fit_ like a Wallaby, but am a lot better than what I was.

This morning I went for six laps (fifty meter pool). And felt a lot better. Laughable I know. Back at school playing waterpolo, I would have looked at myself and wondered how the whale could keep afloat. Well, maybe not a "whale". Heh.

Am reading a couple of books. Other than going slowly through "A Game Of Thrones", there’s "Eragon" plus book 2, and then "Digital Fortress" by Dan Brown.

Eragon has rocketed to the place of read-everywhere. Over halfway through, and I’m hooked. Most captivating and simple fantasy I’ve read in a long time.

The last element of my Day #1 to mention is that the beginnings of our first "game" were laid. Plastic army men, big plastic connect blocks, a pair of dice and a super ball. That’s all I’ll say for the moment. It’s at such a rudimentary stage that things will most likely change a lot. But it was fun.

Especially at the end, well, this caused the end, when our littlest one dropped his big new "water" ball on top of everything, scattering half my fort. We all collapsed laughing, even I did, after the initial shock of painful "mass" defeat.

Tomorrow is Church and then friends coming for lunch. I’m hoping to get some more of The Plastic Detectives Episode 3 done in the afternoon. Shooting and recording are underway.

Oh, and yes, we watched the Wallabies lose in Honkers. Must have been a sweltering time for them.

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