Day #5, Holidays Halfway Full

It’s hard not to get a little sad, now over halfway through the holidays. But you know, it’s been five awesome days. Four more to go. I’m hoping they are as full and hearty as the previous ones.

Had Session tonight, so am totally bushwacked. Brain fried.

Our third had her first orientation today at school for next year. Was a strange experience, for her, and for us. Came away wanting to be more involved with the P&C. Not sure if that will pan out though.

In a switcheroo from a previous post, talking about Eragon and pacing, I’m finding it hard going in Eldest. It’s probably just me.

Had a burrito today so packed with beef and rice and kidney beans that I think I’m good now for the week.

Hoping to finish the third episode of Plastic Detectives tomorrow. We’ll see.

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