Day #6, Too Much Pressure

[ Spoiler Alert for Bones and Heroes, kind of, although if you watch them you would know about this ]

Wow, just watched the season 3 finale for Bones and an episode of Heroes season 3.

Zach was the apprentice. Crazy. How did it happen? I mean, what did the guy use to appeal to Zach, to bring him onto that path. Am hoping season 4 (which is a fair way along in the States, maybe finished) will give us some more info on that.

And then, Heroes was mind-blowing, as per the last few episodes. Peter’s Dad has arrived, and just took/stole/leeched? Peter’s powers. Very cool.

So today was another great day. We recorded the voices for episode 3 of The Plastic Detectives. Now I’ve got the pieces, just have to put them together.

Am getting caught back up into Eldest again.

That’s about it for the moment.

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