Code-Signing Your Own Exes/DLLs in SetupBuilder

In a discussion on the Skype Clarion channel just now, Wolfgang asked me to post how to Code-Sign your own Exes/DLLs in SetupBuilder.

Saddle up.

1. I’ve got my Certificate information in the “General Information” window.


Now I just want to sign my own files. Of which there are two. An EXE and a DLL.

2. So I go to the Script Editor.


3. Just above the “Features” line, get a couple of blank lines going on.


I haven’t experimented past “just get it working”, so there are probably a bunch of different places you could do this.

4. Make sure the line is selected.


5. Double-click on the “#embed Vista manifest…” Compiler Directive Script Function in the top right-hand corner of SB.


6. As follows after the image:


(a) Add your filename.

(b) Fill out the Name and Description.

(c) Check these two.

7. Double-click on the “#code-sign application” Compiler Directive Script Function in the top right-hand corner of SB.


8. As follows after the image:


(a) Add your filename.

(b) Put in a Description

(c) These should be defaulted, if you’ve got the same as me in 1.

(d) Definitely stick this in :)

(e) Check these two.

9. Compile

And there you have it. That’s all I did to get this working.

When you compile, the little “password” appear. SB will fill in the password if you’ve entered it. See (d) directly above.

Hope this has been helpful for Folk.

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