I’m Going To Run My Own Software Company

Welcome to the “Joel Of All Trades” series.


Doing your own thing means that, in my experience, you have to be a Jack Of All Trades.

You come up with the idea for a piece of software. You do some design; database, UI. You write it. You use it.

Then the real work kicks in. You need web presence. Marketing. Relationships. You need a Support system. Bug and Feature tracking. An Alpha/Beta system.

You have to get a website. Make the decision about what to put on it. Screenshots. Features. Some kind of “look at me” frontpage. Images.

It’s a big job. And it’s not the end. Because, all of the before is only a foundation for the following:

You have to sell it.

This series, Joel Of All Trades will chronicle my own journey. A journey which begins with Oldaer.

The series name is in reference to Joel Spolsky, who inspires me every time I read his blog. Check out this post, The new Fog Creek office.

Oh, the Aliens in the picture above obviously have a very excellent plan for World Domination. They have Dragons. There’s a metaphor in that somewhere.

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