Creating Like A Child

Over the last few years, the walls of my office have slowly become covered in pictures drawn by my kids.240920081678

There’s Aliens, Spiderman, Mario, Star Wars, T-Rex’s, Dragons, Dogs, Roads, Cars, Parents and Kids, Frogs, Knights, Snowmen, Horses, Airplanes, Castles, Futurama Characters, Houses and more. 


One picture has a Dragon flying underneath Lightning Clouds and above two wizards dueling it out. Another has a Dragon breathing fire above Alien Spaceships beaming Aliens down to the ground, and the people are running away scared. Still another has a Frog Prince on a lily pad.


Kids minds are okay with crazy. If you throw together a Dragon and an Alien in a computer game, or a story, they’re not going to worry so long as it’s fun. So long as you let them play, let them imagine.


What’s the point?

In a Game or a Story, don’t be afraid to draw together elements that have no obvious connection.
Put all the ideas in a crazy mashed-up puzzle, and then work out where the bits fit.

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