Puff Daddy – Getting Better Than I Was

img-0260 Yesterday something important happened.

I’ve been running home, 5kms give or take, for a few months now. I average three, four times a week. Sometimes I meet Mrs Stu and the Kids halfway at the park.

This body of mine is not built to run. I’m a prop. Big. Heavy.

Yesterday I ran home, the original track along the roads, 5.1 kms according to Google Maps (heh heh), in the SUB 30 MINUTES bracket.

This is a big deal, HUGE, for me.

It’s not fast for most people who actually run. But for me, I’m getting better than I was. And being over 30 in chronological terms, over 110 in “well covered” terms, I’m stoked to be running a sub 30 minute 5kms.

Course, today I took it easy, ran light, didn’t push.

But my brain now knows I can do it. Push harder.

I might be a puffing Dad, but for a while I’m a better runner than I used to be.

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