Karazy Cache Stories

just had such a blast for the last fifteen minutes. The wonders of WordPress’s cache folder.

I was getting a wierd error at the top and bottom of the site, something to do with the wp-cache plugin.

Unplugging the plugin didn’t seem to solve the problem.

So naturally, of course, I just ftp’d in a deleted (that’s right, deleted, what a wonderful piece of functionality that I never get tired of using without thought) a couple of folders that looked suspicious.

Namely, the cache folder.

That certainly did the trick. Dev Dawn broke, and broke hard. I couldn’t get do anything.

So I then uploaded the cache folder from the last backup .. bam .. wierd css, no pics, no format .. couldn’t get into admin.

Third try actually worked .. I kept the folder and just cleaned out the directories. It makes sense now, but then .. five minutes ago, I thought it was done.

Anyway, just thought I’d share that little moment with y’all :).


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