By _This_ Much

I was so close tonight. Up until an hour ago (it’s 3.30 now), I thought i’d be on track for a release.

Then A GREAT BUG flew down from the sky and devoured my precious hope. Actually, it’s a pretty small bug. Something to do with Folders, Names, endless recursion. Mmmmm.

Anyway, the good news is, that the Workflow is in, both for Rasp Desk and Rasp Web. I think i’ve refined my thoughts to these names.

Once I get this bug out of the road (tomorrow night early) I’ll be pushing on with the other functionality for the build. Most of which is in another app, and just has to be transferred across (ha ha, famous first words).

I now appreciate much more the delays in development of products. I’ve got such a small one, but already the growing functionality needs to be carefully piece tested and integrated. It’s cool, but hard, but cool .. etc.

Am conscious that these posts are becoming increasingly inward focussed. And more _boring_ than usual. At least, though poor, some of my previous posts weren’t boring.

Anyway, the _slowing_ is upon me, i must sleep. Wierdo.

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