Not Very Fantastic Voices

My oldest son recently showed interest in a Fantastic Four cartoon (dvd) that showed up in the shops. I think there’s two out, with four episodes each.

My interest was piqued somewhat. The Fantastic Four have never been top of my list, but I would read them because they were a comic. The one particular light in their world (for me) has always been Franklin. I’ve got a comic (an Australian copy, they used to be cheaper, same stories, but published over here) which at the end has Franklin doing some crazy stuff with a rubix cube. Always sticks in my memory. Found out much later, when reading over the Onslaught Saga, that he really was a cool dude.

Anyway. The Fantastic Four cartoon dvd.

Starts out pretty cool. The characters are drawn bigger than life (not bigger as in huge, well, Grimm is huge, but accentuated), and the start theme sticks in your mind.

Then Reed spoke. LAME with a capital Stupid. Both the Storm siblings are alright. Torch especially. Grimm is okay. But Reed. Man alive, they really lucked out. Not that I’m casting nestersions on anyone’s abilities, but the guy talking just sounded so .. blah. I understand Reed is a nerdy scientist, but even the guy in the movies did a better job with the voice. And the movies were some of the most cardboard Marvel adventures ever. Not that I didn’t enjoy them, I did for the most part. Like I enjoy CSI Miami sometimes. It’s stupid, but that’s part of what makes it fun.

My son loves it though, the dvd. So that’s good. I have at least one comic loving progeny :). Wait. Is progeny plural? Looking up

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