The New SV

The SoftVelocity website (here) has undergone an overhaul.

Gone are the drop-down lists. Instead there’s a right sidebar. There’s a community section at the bottom, and the new branding backgrounds etc appear.

Clicking on one of the sidebar links (I picked Clarion 7) takes me to a three column page.

What was the right sidebar at the homepage is on the left. The right sidebar here is a list of links for specific "bling" points Clarion 7. In the middle is the main chunk of writing about Clarion 7, with a little top menu for Details, FAQ ..

Down the bottom of the site are the normal links for Contacting, Privacy, Home .. and the SoftVelocity Shop.

It’s good to see the movement. The change. I really like the peaceful colors, heh. Easy on the mind.

Kudos to SV for getting a new site done. Here’s to it being an integral cog in making Clarion adored and bought by the masses!

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