The Clarion Charter

Over the horizon gallops a lone gunman.

As he draws near, you can see the flanks of the horse foamed with sweat. A magnificent animal, silky black, corded muscles, lean hindquarters.

The rider slows as he approaches. A lone battleground, there are weapons jutting from all visible body angles, and probably a few unseen.

He hands you a piece of paper.

"This is the Charter."

Okay, that would be cool. But anyway …

Bob has posted (here) regarding the Clarion Charter for Clarion (Sharp or .Net?). It’s an early access facility. But it’s more. Training. Mentoring. Support.

The post explains what each of those three entails at this point in time. Sounds like it’ll be good if it goes ahead.

I thought Clarion# was the product, but from reading Bob’s post, Clarion .Net is the product, and Clarion# is the language. My awesome bad.

It’d be good to have a repository for showing off new apps people are going to create in Clarion .Net, helpful for newbies and oldbees alike.

Ahhh. Ha ha. I just had a stupid thought. A dev tool like WordPress has it’s "Theme Viewer", which allows the viewer to "View" or "Download" the thousands of themes stored there.

Imagine something like that with Clarion. A Clarion App viewer.

Nonsense of course. Too many crazy things to cater for. Amongst other problems.

Still, would be nice.

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