Tomorrow the World!

It’s possible that I’ll be changing the way this place works. I’m reviewing the blogs/sites/projects that are current, and making some decisions.

I need a personal blog. I need somewhere to store any comics I draw, things I write, songs I record, and just to blab thoughts.

If this happens, Dev Dawn will change. I’m thinking down a "review" site, or maybe more. Not sure.

Pimp My Clarion will stay the same, except more focussed. I won’t have personal inane posts going up. The same will go here.

It may take a little time. But reorganising is definately going to tighten up my agendas. My milestones and wotnot.

This will mean the Dev Dawn template will go the way of the Dodo. It was fun to create, actually, it was a nightmare .. but I learnt a lot. Today the lame javascript comic viewing code, tomorrow the world!

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