Third Time, Not Really The Charm (And Not Really The Third Time)


Well. Here’s another strip. This time, it’s five panels.

I also tried doing a thumbnail link from the post to the actual comic .. but Windows Live Writer won’t play ball.

Going to include the thumbnail anyway ..


I’m not particularly happy with it .. not as much as the simplicity of yesterday’s.

There’s problems with the script, with the coloring, shading, the proportions .. but you know .. i’m understanding more about this caper every day. Which is cool.

The slight fuzziness is because i decided to go low pixel width and height .. because my poor laptop wasn’t handling the strain of 5000 pixel wide drawings, even though they make for the best .. cause they shrink down so much clearer. Anyway .. I’m sure there’s some way of keeping small file size AND getting crisp image files.

Anyway. This has now taken me to about 5am .. which is crazy. I can’t imagine the number of things I’ve forgotten to do in the comic .. but right now .. I’m just gonna sign off and move on. To bed. Then move on. To do another comic.

‘Nuff Rambled,

Another Comic .. A Regular Dikto .. Ha ha


Well .. I tells ya, this craze had better get over soon, because it’s a time sink like nothing else. Unlike a computer game, my brain is always learning with this. Today’s comic dabbles in a little shading. It’s not really good, or even moderately good, but it’s a start.

Spot the missing object. Probably more than one, but there’s one particular thing that might snap any suspension of disbelief .. (although c’mon, this is a comic Stu).

Also, looking over it .. I forgot a lot of plans .. like shading Tom’s face and pants and hair. Hair and Face especially .. very important for adding a little more to the picture.

So yeah,

Honesty Lost : Part 1.

There are two (planned) further parts .. the third should go a little quicker .. although the second is a completely different location, so everything except Tom is new .. and even he will be mostly changed.

Just a pic now i slapped together .. found drawing Tom was a lot easier when i first broke him down into circles and spheres .. the basic shapes.


Anyway .. sleep is a-calling. Night All.

Never Too Old To Start Something New


Comic Books .. Awesome literature :) At least, I’ve always thought so. From The Phantom to X-Men, I’ve always loved em.

An idea has been a-brewing for some time now, since registering a domain name about nerds.

The following strip comes from this brewing storm, plus the newly broken in Wacom :) .. It’s not going to be the first in the actual comic .. the nerd site needs an introductory comic after all .. but this is what I began on yesterday.

There’s plenty wrong, as you’ll no doubt spot. I have no idea really how to draw, except what I see others do. My anatomy is all out, hands, eyes, mouths .. the text isn’t really the right size .. and the lame color background either needs to be white, or have something better ..

But you know, none of that really matters. Because you do it enough, and a style will develop. Do it enough, and it becomes a style in and of itself. Plus .. I’m having a blast.

The only downside (ONLY) is the time it consumes. Seriously, drawing this thing sucked quite a few hours in between yesterday and today .. although I managed to work through today without plugging the wacom (usb) in until about 6pm. Niiiiice.

That Fake Nerd At The Computer Shop


Bought a Wacom Graphire4 Drawing Pad yesterday. From the Harris Technology store down the road.

Now the Graphire is awesome. Seriously very cool. While waiting for compiles last night I spent a fair bit of time drawing. Just drawing. I got some nice stuff done ..

One of which was this, my venting at a particularly annoying salesman who has absolutely NEGATIVE customer service skills. He’d rather be talking up the back about football than smiling, or serving. He walks away mid-conversation, and let’s face it .. Pretends to be a nerd.

Anyway, it’s a flimsy pretext to show off how cool the Graphire is :).

Not that, in any way, my drawing is cool .. don’t get me wrong .. it’s nothing special. But I’m excited, as always, with something new.

Catch You’all Later,